The norm for worship at the Church of Our Saviour is the Episcopal Church’s Book of Common Prayer (BCP). Most of our services are conducted in the traditional language rites of the BCP as revised in 1979.

The BCP’s services offer many options. This parish seeks to use those which are most continuous with the traditional liturgies of the Western Church. To these official texts we add prayers, Scripture verses, and other liturgical materials drawn from the great mainstream of the Western liturgy. Likewise, Our Saviour witnesses to the liturgical tradition of the Church by offering a full Sung Eucharist every Sunday, by celebrating weekday Masses, by reserving the Blessed Sacrament, and by using Eucharistic vestments, incense, holy water, and other “sacramentals.”

Because this pattern may not be familiar even to many Episcopalians, the texts for the various services, together with ceremonial instructions for the congregation are printed in our Sunday Service bulletins. The prayers, Bible readings, and other materials which change every week are also included in this.

All persons who have been baptized with water in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, who understand the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist and who may receive Holy Communion in their own churches are invited to receive the Sacrament here. Those who may not wish receive are invited to come forward for a blessing: please indicate this by crossing your arms over your chest. The Church expects that all who receive Communion will have examined themselves, sincerely repented their sins, and been reconciled (or at least be willing to be reconciled) with those they have wronged or who have wronged them.