Luke 6:30 encourages us to "give to everyone who asks of you." This is a hard saying for many of us, for many reasons. Is giving a bit of cash really the best way to help someone who asks? What are they going to spend it on? What if I don't have cash on me?

The Luke 6:30 ministry is a possibly quixotic effort to at least try to follow this commandment of the Lord, not judging our neighbor who is in need, but simply trying to be a light and a comfort to them. A card is given to him or her who asks, with a little money attached (usually $1 or $5, at the discretion of the giver). The card contains words of encouragement from scripture and a greeting and blessing from the Rector and people of this parish. On the reverse side of the card, there is contact information for organizations that are able to provide additional assistance.

Cards are available on the literature table in the back of the Nave, and can also be downloaded (below) and printed at home. There are color (red, black, and white) and black and white versions available.

Click here for a color Luke 6:30 card.

Click here for a black and white Luke 6:30 card.